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PBG Bulgaria LTD is a real estate company founded in 2008. The company has been ofering for sale recreational and rural estates, holiday villas and land in Bulgaria. PBG Bulgaria is operating through a property portal and through partnership with various real estate companies in UK.
PBG-Bulgaria offers a wide spectrum of properties with a focus on rural properties and holiday villas. In addition the company provides various free services to its customers.

Special services provided by PBG Bulgaria

PBG Bulgaria offers a wide range of services to its customers:


  • Option to buy  property on installments with a 0% down payment
  • Free pick-up from the airport
  • Free inspection trip for two to the property/properties you have bought + the best tourist sights in the region (during the two days you are in Bulgaria to close the deal)
  • Free 24 hours support - we know that buying a property in a foreign country can be a frustrating experience that's why we are available for you 24 hours a day - by phone, email, Skype and personally during your visit. We are here to help you.
  • Free of charge legal consultation during the buying process

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A foreigner’s guide to buying property in Bulgaria

According to the Bulgarian legislation, a foreigner can buy buildings (house, apartment etc), but not land. Therefore all foreigners who wish to purchase land or house with land in Bulgaria are required to set up a Private Limited Company in Bulgaria (called EOOD). The company then is a Bulgaria legal entity that has the right to acquire land in Bulgaria. The person is liable for the company’s obligations to the value of his/her share in the company’s registered capital (which according to the new law is only 2 BGN, or less than 1 GBP).


How can PBG Bulgaria help me in the process of setting up a Bulgarian company?
PBG Bulgaria takes care of the procedures for setting up a Bulgarian company for its customers FREE of charge.


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Contact Details

PBG – Bulgaria LTD


Contact: Nevena Milanova

Position: Sales Manager


Address: Sofia, Bulgaria

Dianabad, 15A Krum Kiuliavkov Str., 6th floor, office 11


Phone: 00359 / 884864080



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