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Pat Barton, the Sandbridge Beach real estate specialist, has lived in this beautiful section of Virginia Beach for the past 30 years. His family first came to Sandbridge in 1958, when his grandmother, Bunga Barton, purchased a home at the north end of the Beach.

Pat knows the Sandbridge Beach real estate market! Whether you are looking for a vacation home/condo or investment property, Pat can guide you through the process. He knows the investment opportunities available, and what it takes to get the most out of the rental market. He is following in his motherís footsteps, Karen Barton, who sold property here for many years with Kabler & Riggs which later became Sandbridge Realty.

Sandbridge Beach is a unique coastal village, very different from the rest of the Virginia Beach area, and even other coastal communities. Patís experience and knowledge is invaluable when it comes to making a real estate decision.

Through the years Pat has worked with most of the businesses in Sandbridge Beach, from life guarding the local beaches, installing sand fence along the shoreline, to opening the first kayak/surf shop called Sandbridge Eco Sports. Pat continues to be involved in the community as a past president and current board member of the Sandbridge Beach Civic League.

Pat, his wife Amy and son, Bane love living is this unique and diverse community and look forward to many years ahead. Their hobbies include sailing, surfing, outrigger canoe paddling, and just hanging out on the Beach!

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