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Taking Charge

It’s the third week on your new job – wait, your new business venture, as a real estate agent.  You’ve been advised by your broker to sit open houses for a while to get your feet wet and develop a basic understanding of the industry.

So here you sit, waiting.  The phone may ring, and it may not, but that’s not your problem, right?  Well, it has been almost three weeks now, and it’s not like you’re swamped in red-hot leads.  So, in your spare time – which you seem to have a lot of lately – you decide it might be good idea to take a more active role in learning exactly what you’re supposed to be doing in your new profession.

A colleague and mentor mentions that you might want to check out iSucceed sometime, so you hop on the net, type in the address, and just like that, here you are.

Now comes the stellar part.  What if you could hop off the Net 30 minutes later, fully equipped with the information and instruction you needed to convert more than 9 out of every 10 prospective buyer phone calls?  Within a week you've got two listings, and within ten more you've got two checks in your hand totaling thousands of dollars.

We’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Into the Buyer’s Psyche

In this week’s new success module, “How to Convert 97% of Your Buyer Calls into Appointments”, Buyer Specialist Shon Kokoszka explains how to go about conversing with a prospective buyer to ensure that you end up converting the lead.  Shon discusses the buyer psyche at length, digging deep into what makes buyers tick; their fears, concerns, hopes, and hot buttons.  If you’ve always struggled with the phone, the first impression, or artfully directing a phone conversation toward a sale, then this is your MUST SEE module!  Learn:

  • The two most significant goals of initial buyer contact.
  • How to play to buyers’ hidden agenda and alleviate their purchase concerns.
  • How to properly track various methods for obtaining buyer commitment.
  • A simple acronym for remembering how to direct a phone conversation.
  • How to “Cape the Bull” and quickly gain control of an initial phone conversation with an interested buyer.


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