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A Fly’s Eyes for Diplomacy

Imagine you were a fly on the wall at Nelson Zide’s office in 1977. You would be privy to a conversation destined to occur for more than 28 years and counting now. Without fail, potential buyers and sellers would end up in that office, discussing the same issues, bringing up the same concerns, asking the same questions, and reviewing the same materials.

Think of the degree of command you would possess of the content of that discussion. After that kind of time, you could replay, pause, and rewind each and every word of the entire dialogue back in your head, mulling over every little nuance, making the slightest changes in response here and there.

Soon the entire exchange would become second nature, and you could tell where things would end up by the second or third question. You might consider how to approach this particular subject while parrying another, making those decisions while simultaneously broaching yet a third subject with your potential clients – all with a deftness of a master orator.

Wouldn’t you like to possess this degree of negotiating wisdom and skill?

The Common Denominator

The best real estate scripts and dialogues are completely transparent – that is to say, they don’t “sound” or “feel” scripted at all, and that’s what makes them so powerful. They are the natural byproduct of repetition and careful consideration, of trial and error and process of elimination. But we realize that you don’t have 30 years to master the perfect script – you needed it last week when that one deal just barely slipped through your fingers, even when you thought it was yours for sure! If only you had handled the situation better – if only you had known just what to say when…

The poorly handled objection is the greatest deal-breaker – the most dangerous threat to an agent’s continued success. It is the one common denominator among all agents. No matter what your experience, your knowledge, skill, or charisma, if you sell real estate you will end up facing objections. The key is to learn how to overcome them without endangering your commission check.

In this week’s Success Module, “Scripts That Earn Your Full Commission and Price the House Your Way”, Nelson Zide explains his strategies for overcoming the toughest objections. Learn:
  • The “One But & Three Therefore’s” script for sellers who want to interview other agents.
  • How to drive sellers to the correct market price in a single sentence.
  • The professional and smooth response to questions about discounting your commission.
  • How to absolutely guarantee a six-month listing, and the guarantee you offer in return.


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