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Postcards, Persistence, and Profit: An Effective Expired Drip Program
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One of the greater advantages of being your own boss is the freedom to mold your business in any way you desire, to create profit by managing all of your resources wisely and playing to your own strengths, and to engage in lead-generation and marketing strategies that reflect your personality and principles.

Enter Penny McLaughlin, who has never been a big fan of cold-calling. Penny simply felt it was too much of an intrusion upon the personal lives of her potential clientele to pick up a phone and interrupt someone sitting down to dinner with their family, or curling up with a good book after a long day at the office.

A Powerful but Subtle Approach

So Penny decided to find an alternative channel through which to communicate her message that was, at the very least, as effective as picking up the telephone. After much research into the various methodologies of her colleagues and her competition, she found an old-fashioned, but aggressive advertising campaign that she believed would do the trick.

It did more than just the trick; it helped her to generate 122 transactions and a sales volume of approximately $30 million last year.

At the heart of the campaign was the execution of a mixture of twelve persuasive postcards and letters delivered via snail mail to every prospective FSBO or Expired customer in Penny’s market, starting the day she became aware of their status and extending for exactly 90 days thereafter.

Success in Resolve

As is the case with many effective advertising and marketing programs, the essential aspect of Penny’s program is repetition: it consistently places her face, business, and the real estate sales opportunity she offers in front of hundreds of potential buyers and sellers every single week. That continuity, coupled with a very cost-effective development, fulfillment, and mailing system result in an outstanding return-on-investment.

This week’s new success module, “Postcards, Persistence, and Profit: An Effective Expired Drip Program” is now available to all iSucceed members. Penny McLaughlin will explain her Expireds drip strategy in perfect detail, covering its key components, mailing schedule creation and maintenance, response tracking, unique item differentiation, and the measurement and evaluation of overall ROI.

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