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Premier Land Lender For Alabama, Louisiana andMississippi

A quickword about First South Farm Credit of Alabama,Louisiana and Mississippi.

The FarmCredit System was established by Congress in 1916 to provide a dependablesource of credit and financial services for Rural America. The Farm CreditSystem is one of six Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE's) created byCongress. GSE's are privately owned corporations providing adequate sources ofcredit and credit services. The Farm Credit System is made up of a network ofFarm Credit Banks and Farm Credit Associations that ensure all segments ofRural America are being served.

FirstSouth Farm Credit is a Farm Credit institution that is privately owned by itsstockholders and controlled by its locally elected board of directors.

FirstSouth Farm Credit is the Farm Credit System's largest lending institution in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, and theonly institution offering uninterrupted loans and financial services since 1933

FirstSouth offers loans to purchase and finance land and timber, hunting and recreationalproperty, loans for land improvement, construction of ponds, lakes and countrycabins.

FirstSouth offers long-term land loans through our loan participation program.We also provide short and intermediate-term loans for agribusiness andagricultural production.

Otherspecialty programs for land financing, our Capital Markets Division foragribusiness loans and our Young, Beginning and Small Farmer Program, willprovide you with quick responses, fast turnaround, flexible terms andcompetitive interest rates.

Ourexperienced and specialized loan personnel set us apart from other lendinginstitutions. Call one of our local offices or call us at 1-800-955-1722. Oryou can submit a loan inquiry direct from this website.

If you desire to become a land owner,First South can help. We specialize in financing and refinancing land in thecountry.

First South offers competitive interestrates, flexible terms, quick response and fast turnaround.

FirstSouth's Loan Programs - Fixed Rate and Variable Rate Loans Are Available withTerms up to 30 Years 

We havea full line of flexible loan terms and payment plans that are indexed to theWall Street Journal Prime Rate or LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) and arecompetitive with other lenders.

LandLoans - To purchase and refinance land

Firstmortgage land loans with terms tailored to meet customer's needs

Loans topurchase or refinance land with terms up to 30 years.

If youdesire to become a part-time or full-time land owner, First South offers loanproducts for:

  • Purchase and/or refinance land
  • Purchase and/or refinance timber properties
  • Special timber financing program
  • Hunting and recreational properties
  • Land improvements
    and ponds
    Country cabins

Short-TermIntermediate Term Loans - Loan amortizations from 1 to 15 years

  • Land purchase and refinance
  • Poultry operations
  • Farm machinery and equipment
  • Timber tracts
  • Farm land for recreation purposes
  • Cotton gins
  • Sugar operations and sugarcane processing
  • Refinancing short-term debt
  • Agribusiness
  • Rural development financing
       And much more


Loansfor operating purposes - usually less than one-year maturity.  First Southoffers revolving and non-revolving lines of credit and competitive ratescustomized to fit your business needs.

CommercialAgribusiness Loans - Capital Market Group

FirstSouth's corporate agribusiness department specializes in large commercialloans. Our professional loan officers specialize in providing credit andfinancially related services to large agribusiness and agriservice companiesthat serve rural America.

Federaland State Guarantee Loan Programs

FirstSouth Farm Credit is available to participate with a variety of loan programssponsored by state and/or federal agencies offering loan guarantees for agriculturaland/or rural development purposes. First South has earned the PreferredLender designation to offer loan guarantees through the Farm Service Agency(FSA).  We are also approved by the U.S. Small Business Administration(SBA) and the USDA Rural Development Administration (RDA).

Loans to Purchase or Refinance Land in the Country - and Loans forAgribusiness or Agricultural Production

Loansto Finance or Refinance Land, Land Improvements,Timber, and Recreational Property (Fixed and Variable Rate Loans withMaturities up to 30 Years Are Available)

ShortTerm Loans - For Agricultural Production Purposes

  • Up to 1 year maturity
    Loans for general operating expenses such as labor, feed, seed, repairs, inventory, etc. These are operating type loans and lines of credit within the operating cycle of the business.
    • Examples: cotton, soybeans, rice, peanuts, corn, catfish, sugar cane, truck crops, cattle, dairy

IntermediateTerm Loans - For Refinance or Expansion Purposes

  • Between 1- and 10-year maturities & special 15-year loans
  • Loans for machinery, equipment, vehicles
  • Livestock purchases and facilities
  • Land purchases
  • Refinancing land debt
  • Poultry and swine operations and facilities
  • Farm and home improvements
  • Loans for catfish and other aquatic operations
  • Loans to finance the basic processing and/or marketing activities that are an extension of farm production
    • Examples: cotton gins, poultry processing, catfish processing, sugar cane, etc.

CommercialAgribusiness Loan Program / Special Timber Loan Program

  • Repayment schedules tied to marketing plans.

Loansto Finance or Refinance Land, Land Improvements,Timber, and Recreational Property / Loans for Small, Young and BeginningFarmers



Equipmentand Vehicle Leasing 
Tolease equipment and/or vehicles including pick-up trucks and other types ofutility vehicles. Lease payments may be tax deductible. Payments monthly,quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

Competitively priced rates available

Multi-PerilCrop Insurance 
This program is sponsored and subsidized by the federal government but ismarketed by First South through private insurance companies as a serviceto our members.

CropHail Insurance 
This program is offered to protect the producer from damage caused from hail,fire and wind.

Loan Guarantees through the Farm Service Agency (FSA), The US SmallBusiness Administration (SBA) and USDA Rural Business and Industry(B&I) Guarantees.

Youngand Beginning Farmers Program

Contact a First South office today to ask about our loan programs800-995-1722


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