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Princess Diana dresses exhibit to leave Naples soon.
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 Time is running out if you want to see the Princess Diana dress exhibit being shown in Naples. Now residents and visitors of Southwest Florida have the opportunity re-live a bit of history of the Princess of Wales and her sense of style.  Fashion icon and fascinating woman are just two of the thousands of ways people have used to describe the late Princess Diana.  A collection of 20 of her dresses is being exhibited at Naples’ von Liebig Art Center, but it will be closing on Sunday, June 27. 

This presentation titled “Princess Diana: Dresses of Inspiration” was organized by the Pink Ribbons Crusade, a group of collectors who own dresses that the Princess wore.  This nonprofit organization will lend these prized possessions to enable funding for charitable purposes and in particular those relating to breast cancer.  Beneficiaries in the Naples area include the Naples Community Hospital Mammogram Fund and Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Support. 

Seventeen of these dresses are from the Christie’s auction Diana held six weeks before her death.   Some of the dresses have never been shown before in the United States.  It is also the first and last time this particular set of dresses have been exhibited together, as the Pink Ribbons Crusade will conclude with the von Liebig Art Center’s presentation.   The dresses were flown here from around the world and were required to be in the first class cabin.  Included in this unique show are the “Klondike Dress”   (A pink/peach silk period dress and hat in the style of 1880) worn by her during a Royal Tour to Canada in 1983, and the scarlet silk and black velvet gown known as the “Spanish Dress”. Others are endowed with a special poignancy, such as the “Lady Diana Spencer dress,” a simple, off-the-rack dress Diana bought in 1979 to wear to a party at Althorp, her family’s home.  Designers on display include Catherine Walker, Victor Edelstein, Caroline Charles and here for more information.

Real Estate Information Sources - Real Estate Information General
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