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Category - Service Providers in Real Estate - Sales & Marketing Services delivers property information instantly in descriptions, photos, and streaming video to mobile devices of all kinds. Using the Your Front Office service, consumers can also set an appointment on the listing agentís calendar.

Eliminating brochure boxes, delivers the property information descriptions and visuals to an interested home buyer, and, at the same time, a message is sent directly to the listing Realtorís cell phone capturing the prospectís number.

Here's how works:

  1. Dial the toll-free number listed on the sign rider.
  2. Enter the Property code displayed.
  3. Choose English, French, or Spanish to receive text property information.
  4. Consumer confirms cell phone number.
  5. A text message description, a photo gallery, and video of the property are received.
  6. Realtors receive a text message of the cell phone capture at the same time as the buyer is getting the property information.
  7. The consumer can be connected with an operator to schedule a viewing of the listing; the Realtor and consumer receive text messages with appointment information.
  8. Activity reports on the Realtorís portal at keep a record of all leads received and can be shared with the home seller.

Nearly four years ago, an experience trying to view home properties in Florida convinced service Founder Ken OíHanlon that there had to be a better way to get property information. He found that brochure boxes were often empty, brochures were ruined by rain, Realtors did not return his calls promptly, or real estate offices were closed when he called.

Having a teenage daughter who text messaged frequently, OíHanlon knew that society was on the verge of a mobile information revolution.  He created a powerful, hosted platform to deliver instant multimedia content and interactive messaging services to all mobile handsets in North America.  He discovered that voice takes priority over data in delivering information in the wireless network world, so he based development on using a toll free number with a voice recognition system, or IVR.

Setting up service is simple; a Realtor subscribes to the service and receives a sign rider with a toll free number and a property code. When subscribing, the Realtor creates their property description and uploads their photos and videos online.  Realtors can also review and share the activity report with home sellers.

Contact Details
Kenneth O'Hanlon, CEO

Media Inquiries
Jim Guttau
Director of Public Relations

Free Demo of
To try a demo of the system,
call: 1-866-799-9899
enter property code: 15

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