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Category - Technology Providers in Real Estate - Real Estate Internet Services is a tool to help you get all of the information about any property.

From a single address, allows you to see a description of the property, its most recent sales price, an approximation of its value, its owners' names and addresses, its title history, code violations, permits, photographs, maps, and much more.

PropertyShark also lets you do a search in many different ways: You can search for properties:

  1. which have recently sold and what they sold for
  2. by neighborhood, size, and type
  3. which are in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure
  4. by owner's name
  5. which are actively for sale

PropertyShark indexes all properties in the geographies it serves, not just those which are for sale. Often the best opportunities are those which others do not yet know about.

PropertyShark University

PropertyShark University was launched in February 2008 to provide a no-nonsense practical course for real estate professionals. Its seminars include a wide range of real estate topics varying from distressed properties and short sales, to multifamily home investments, and creative real estate financing. Most of the classes offered are accredited continuing education programs that count toward renewing real estate broker licenses. Classes are held in Manhattan, New York City, and Garden City, Nassau County.

Composed are the listings and descriptions of a few of the classes that are currently being offered at PropertyShark University.

Ultimate Auction Class - One of the most hands-on foreclosure auction classes offered at PropertyShark. During this day-long class, students review and analyze all of the properties in Brooklyn, New York City that are scheduled for auction that day. Afterward, the class attends the Brooklyn Auction, located at 360 Adams Street, to watch the auction proceeding. Following the auction, the class discusses the auction process in its entirety, prepares bid sheets for properties, witnesses the different auction attendees, and finally uses their calculations to determine if they would have won or lost the bid.

Short Sale Class Students learn the fundamentals behind a short sale, how a short sale helps the bank and the borrower, working with the bank and borrower, accepting or rejecting offers made and exit strategies. The students also learn how to find short sale properties, how to choose a target area for short sale prospects, and how to finance a short sale.

Multifamily Property Investments Class A class directing its attention to the multifamily property investments that are specifically located in New York City. Topics taught include: rent stabilization and rent control laws, conventional financing versus vs. commercial financing, multifamily property valuations, as well as exit strategies. Additionally, participants learn about searching for multifamily properties as an investment, financing the investment and where to seek for advice and support throughout the investment endeavors.


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