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Proxio’s marketing and networking platform delivers a quick and easy way for real estate brokerages and agents on any continent to internationalize and extend their reach globally. Proxio is a SaaS company (Software-as-a-Service).

Virtually overnight, Proxio enables any type of real estate entity – from individual agents and single-office brokerages to MLSs and Realtor associations, to large industry groups and international master franchisors – to reach beyond local markets to expose properties to a global audience, standardize access to real estate listing data across markets, or to connect with brokerages and agents around the world for referrals. With a proprietary platform that operates in 11 languages and instantly translates real estate listings, Proxio turns real estate brokerages, associations and MLSs into multilingual organizations, able to serve diverse clients and members far better than ever before.

At a very low cost, and with no software downloads, Proxio slices across the industry to enable real estate professionals anywhere to connect, communicate and initiate transactions without borders and without friction.

Proxio, Inc. was launched in April 2008 with funding from Silicon Valley angel investors. In the company’s first 12 months, over 2500 real estate offices in 62 countries registered to use Proxio’s services.

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