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Prudential’s technology goal has been to empower homebuyers and sellers.  With technology initiatives that offer more than 3 million registered users an average of 700,000 daily MLS updates on over 4 million listings nationwide, Prudential agents have enjoyed responding to over 250,000 online consumer requests to see a home.


Their technology initiatives are all focused on delivering information to the customer 24x7 in the most expeditious and efficient manner possible.  Along that line Prudential signed a unique marketing agreement with Yahoo! that is directly focused on assisting buyers. 


Prudential’s technology is able to service buyers at the same time sellers receive timely email updates.  In addition to updates about online search activity on a seller’s property and neighborhood, sellers also benefit from details about the number of times their listing was viewed in search results and the number of times it was saved in a buyer’s online account.  Sellers also receive updates about status or price changes on competing listings.


In addition to Prudential’s commitment to the eCertified Designation and its pioneering efforts in Value Range Marketing, another key element in the company’s success has been the belief that most decisions should be made at the local level.  This philosophy embraces the fact that all Prudential Affiliates are independently owned and operated.  The company backs that belief with a strong Affiliate support program including tools and systems designed to help managers and owners increase productivity.  Further, an innovative intranet site (PREA Center) provides members 24/7 access to real-time services and products.  Meanwhile, Prudential’s Home Connections (a group of managed service providers) is available to help customers before, during and after the transaction while TeamBuilders is available as a recruiting service “creating income for life” for recruiting sponsors.

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