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Qazzoo is a social network of homebuyers and real estate professionals. The difference between Qazzoo and other lead generation companies is Qazzoo operates like a search engine where the results are the consumers. The consumer profiles are posted in real time from a network of websites, apps, social media and the Qazzoo platform. The company is headquartered in Annapolis

Company history


Qazzoo founder, Michael Urbanski, developed the idea of a website that would allow a professional to search for a consumer after spending years in the real estate industry. Urbanski was a leader in Maryland for selling foreclosure properties, but found reliable lead generation sources hard to come by, realizing this issue he created his own.


First launched in 2012 at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Convention in Washington, D.C., Qazzoo owns several patents on and also has several patent applications on file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office relating to online advertising and is continuing to expend the IP portfolio. Qazzoo also presented at the DC Meet Up hosted by TechCrunch in March, 2014.


Qazzoo offers advertising in reverse to real estate professionals by establishing a network of consumers that can be searched and selected by the professional. This service is delivered via the website and mobile app.


As a consumer Qazzoo offers you a single place to submit what it is you are looking for and then have businesses compete to fulfill that request, currently Qazzoo only operates in the real estate industry.


For a business Qazzoo offers marketing and advertising. Performing a search on Qazzoo would yield search results, currently as a real estate agent a search on Qazzoo would yield consumers looking to purchase or sell a home, or even both. The professional then simply needs to reach out and contact the consumer.


  • Michael Urbanski, CEO and Founder
  • Jim Buffington, COO


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Technology Providers in Real Estate - Real Estate Internet Services
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