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For more than a quarter century, Ralph R. Roberts has helped thousands of consumers realize the dream of homeownership. Dubbed by Time Magazine “the best-selling REALTOR® in America,” and often characterized as the Michael Jordan or the Babe Ruth of the industry, the metro Detroit-based Realtor is in his third decade as the top dog in one of the nation’s most competitive businesses. He is a recognized authority on Residential Real Estate; Personal Salesmanship; Real Estate Fraud; and, Sales Force and Office Management, Motivation, and Design.

A born motivator, teacher, and trainer, Ralph works alongside Federal law officials to help educate state and local law enforcement, regulators, and financial institutions on the problems associated with Real Estate Fraud. Ralph is also an award-winning and internationally recognized real estate agent and speaker who helps other real estate professionals from all sectors of the industry build upon their past and present success, grow and expand their businesses, and provide a rich and rewarding future for themselves, their customers, and their employees. When Ralph speaks, people sit up and listen, and for good reasons.

Ralph averages more than 400 transactions a year, and since he bought his first house more than 25 years ago at the age of 18, he has consistently demonstrated an uncanny knack for “closing the deal”. He specializes in helping first-time buyers and those with bad credit to purchase homes in the affordable range: typically those valued at $145,000 and less. He is so amazingly superb at what he does that rising agents from around the country pay top dollar for the opportunity to shadow him so they can adopt his methodology and find a similar degree of success.

Ralph’s passion for real estate sales is only matched by his enjoyment of philanthropy. He is generously involved in his community, and continues to act as a board member of several charitable organizations throughout the state of Michigan. A popular author, lecturer and motivational speaker, Ralph's first book, Walk Like a Giant, Sell Like a Madman, was released in 1997 by HarperCollins Publishers. Three other books have followed: Real Wealth by Investing in Real Estate (Prentice Hall/Penguin Group (USA), 52 Weeks of Sales Success (HarperCollins), and Sell it Yourself (Adams Media).

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