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Ranch Land For Sale In Mississippi-What Makes A Ranch A Good Property
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When you are looking at ranch land for sale in Mississippi not all properties are equal, what makes a one ranch worth buying over another. I will talk about a handful of things that makes a ranch a home.


If you are looking at buying a ranch for sale in Mississippi letís look at a few things that will make a ranch a home. I visited a ranch yesterday that all the things you could possibly want in a ranch, a home and hunting land so letís go over all these great things I would like in a place myself. The first thing you might think about is the house but you would be wrong, the stable or in this case the stableminium is what I would look at and you may be asking what makes a stableminium well let me tell you. A stable is a stableminium when it has three bedrooms, full bath, recreational room, upstairs loft, living room area complete with satellite TV, front porch and we have not even made it to where the horses are kept.


Now letís go over what you will want in the area the horses are kept. I would want the double wall stalls so I could keep studs side by side and have it where they could not get to each other. Running water to each stall, hay shoot from the top of the stall where I could store the hay and drop it right down for the horses and you think this might be enough but we have got to talk about the horse ridding arena, the ridding arena I saw had the same lighting system that the LSU football stadium has, underground water system to wet down the ridding area, this system could put a half inch of water on the ground in less than a half hour. One other thing you might want is your on press box with an electronic score board and this might round out a few wants just were you handle your horses.


Now letís move on to what you want in the house, well since my wife is not sitting by me we will wait and go over a couple more guy things before we get to what women will want. How about a stocked 18 acre lake with hybrid bass, close to one hundred manicured acres fenced and cross fenced with community water for horses and cows. When youíre between tending the horses you might like some of the best hunting in Mississippi, this land has some of the biggest deer in Mississippi.


Now lets move on to the ranch house and make the ladies happy, I would want a house I could park my two one tons in, have a back deck overlooking my 18 acre lake, just in case itís a little cool or to hot it will need a sunroom over looking the lake. When you have knocked out a hard day on the deer stand you will want a walk in Jacuzzi tub for you and the wife to end the day.


This is a pretty short list of wants for your ranch for sale in Mississippi and if you think this is describing a ranch in Texas where they are everywhere you would be wrong, I walked this ranch in Amite County Mississippi and this shows if you want to buy a ranch for sale in Mississippi there are some great places out there.


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