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RealSource was established in 1989 with the central focus of putting our investor clients in the right place, at the right time, to help insure their maximum profitability. Putting the investor in the right geographical location in the right economic conditions is the heart of location investing and what we call "Prime Time Investing."

In real estate investing, buying low and selling high is a matter of knowing where and when, and that requires research. In order to place our clients in the right "where and when" circumstances, we track 364 domestic U.S. markets in an effort to stack the "economic deck" in the investor's favor.

At RealSource, you don't have to be an institutional investor to enjoy the benefits of institutional-level services, resources, and investment opportunities. As a private investor and RealSource client, you will have full access to our world-class economic research, our network of affiliated professionals, and members-only investment opportunities that are recommended by our staff of real estate specialists. You will even have your own RealSource client advisor.

Were brokers but were more than brokers. Were advisors but were more than advisors. Other real estate companies have asked us how we have managed to build up a client base of thousands of successful, loyal investors across the nation. Its really no secret. We give people the knowledge, tools and support to get into and out of markets at the right times. The fact is, no other company does what we do in the way we do it.

Michael Anderson, CCIM -- Founder and Partner
Nate Hanks, CCIM -- Partner
Blaine Walker -- President

Menu of Services
  • Brokerage Services
  • Commercial Loans
  • Development
  • Economics
  • Equity Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Property Management
  • Retirement Services

We put a full menu of real estate investment services, tools and opportunities at our clients' fingertips in a way no one else does, and we use multi-family properties as our primary investment vehicle - they're perfect for our clients' goals and for any economic cycle.

All our clients are given their own experienced Client Advisor to help them throughout the investment process. When investors become members of the RealSource network, they have unlimited access to a world of support services and asset-building privileges.
We place a remarkably comprehensive menu of real estate investment services, tools and opportunities at the disposal of our clients. When you become a RealSource Client, you can take advantage of one, any or all of these offerings, depending on your needs.

Your RealSource Client Advisor will help you access and use these to your best advantage. Click on any of the RealSource Services links for more information about a particular service.

RealSource Client Advisors
When you become a RealSource Client, you are assigned a Client Advisor who will be there for you on an unlimited basis every step of the way, and who will work with you according to your needs, goals and level of expertise.

Your personal Client Advisor will help you pull together all the services RealSource provides its clients from the economic findings that will tell you when and where to buy and sell real estate, to introductions to RealSource-selected professionals and vendors in markets nationwide. All our Client Advisors are licensed real estate professionals, take continuing education through professional organizations, and are investors themselves. We walk the talk.

Linda Golding, 801-601-2750

Sean Gove  --, 801-601-2734

Brad Libin, 801-601-2723

Kerby Petersen, 801-601-2704

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