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RealTown is a blog networking site created by Internet Crusade also boasts nearly 100,000 members and community-created content generated from nearly one million posts. 

One of the nice features of RealTown is an “Ask the Expert” section that gives registered users the ability to pose questions that ostensibly will be answered by an expert in the RealTown network.  This feature alone could be of great benefit to aspiring real estate agents and those needing guidance on a particular situation. 

Another great section of RealTown is the “Associations” section, which was designed for AE’s (Association Executives) as a platform to exchange ideas and learn about trends affecting the industry at the association level.  “Articles” is a section devoted to complete articles on a variety of real estate topics.  Unlike blogs, the articles are not freely posted and must be submitted and screened prior to publication.  At time of publication there were more than 600 articles on RealTown.


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