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Real Estate Confronts Goal Setting vs. Business Planning - Whitepaper Now Available
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Goals, Plans, & the Nitty Gritty

RealSure Publishing recently announced the release of the ninth publication in its popular “Real Estate Confronts…” series, this time delving into the intricacies of real estate business planning. Entitled Real Estate Confronts Goal Setting vs. Business Planning, this in-depth industry report was co-authored by industry trends expert Stefan Swanepoel and business planning guru Allen Wright.

Why is having a business plan so important? iSucceed Mentor Eva Keagle, of ERA Colonial Real Estate, offers her thoughts, “If you’re going to make a cross country trip, you need a road map. If you want to be a success in any business, you will likewise require a business plan.”

And according to Swanepoel, “In today's competitive and complex marketplace, a real estate agent’s success is far from guaranteed, and with a possible declining market, agents need to map out a clear path to reach their goals. The aim of this newest whitepaper is to help agents better understand the business planning process, the steps, the benefits and the execution.”

Pinpointing the Planning Process

“Goal setting identifies what you want,” says Sandra Nickel of the Hat Team in Alabama, “business planning shows you how to reach those goals and identifies the step-by-step process.”

“This new whitepaper is really geared towards providing brokers and agents with the identification of hurdles, the organization of priorities, the creation of strategies and the proper evaluation of available planning options,” explains CreateAPlan founder Allen Wright.

The report is divided into three main sections, each covering one key aspect of the business planning process, including:
  • What is Business Planning?
  • Why Plan?
  • The Benefits of Planning
  • Setting Objectives
  • The Action Plan
  • Understanding the Numbers
  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Available Tools

Download it for Free Right Now!

The 28-page whitepaper is now exclusively available for free download at the all-new RealtyU Bookstore during the next 6 weeks.


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