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Four times a year, RealtyU® honors a special person or school that has gone beyond the call of teaching. In this last quarter of 2007, the Educator of the Quarter Award acknowledges the entrepreneurship and leadership of Fred Preator of ProEd in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, as the "Educator of the Quarter" for the fourth quarter of 2006.

This true entrepreneur, husband and father of two daughters, is also an attorney, real estate school owner, teacher, broker, developer and mortgage broker. He took an indirect road to real estate education, having switched majors a half dozen times and enjoying numerous extra- curricular activities during his college years. (this sort of sounds like a joke that he partied so much it took him a long time to graduate - is it supposed to be?) Fred finally graduated from the University of Sioux Falls with a well-rounded education and a degree in political science/history. Only after graduation did he realize that political science is a major, not a job. (Is this his quote?) Left with the choice of being an unemployed political scientist or going back to school for a useful degree, Fred decided to go to law school at the University of Wyoming.
After a few years of practice in Wyoming, Fred moved to Sioux Falls and started his own law practice. In 2001, in an effort to feed his entrepreneurial spirit and drive business to his law practice, Fred purchased the leading real estate school in South Dakota, Pro Ed, which originally opened its doors in 1971.

Fred recently expanded his horizon by purchasing Barney Fletcher RealtyU®, the largest proprietary real estate school in Atlanta. Barney Fletcher RealtyU®, through its seven locations throughout Georgia, offers a full range of pre-licensing and continuing education courses for the real estate, appraisal and home inspection industries.

Today, as the owner of two large real estate schools in two different states, Fred still finds time to enjoy the mountains of Northwestern Wyoming with his wife and two daughters. RealtyU® is proud to have people of the caliber of Fred Preator as part of the RealtyU® Family and to be able to honor him for him for his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to education.

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RealtyU® Schools is a network of affiliated education organizations that serve 40 states via over 250 campuses across North America. Collectively, RealtyU® has some 400 qualified and licensed educators that offer more than 5,000 different courses and programs every year. Although each affiliate is independently owned and operated, schools closely cooperate on various levels, especially with regard to the creation and approval of new courses, technology, national contracts, marketing and educational research and development. In 2005, RealtyU® Schools educated over 305,000 real estate professionals offline and 32,000 online, making it the largest real estate training network in the country. RealtyU® Schools are an integral part of the RealtyU® Family of career development companies and services.


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