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Do you have Louisiana land you are considering selling?  Are you unsure whether to sell it yourself or pay a real estate professional?  Let me give you several reasons you might want to hire a professional.


If you have land for sale in Arkansas and canít decide if you should market the land yourself or hire a real estate broker, let me give you some pros and cons.  I can help you make a more educated decision.  One of the main reasons people donít want to hire a broker to sell their Arkansas land is the commission they have to pay.  It can add up to thousands of dollars, especially on a large transaction.  There is also the issue of signing a contract allowing the broker to market your property as he sees fit. This contract might be for six months or it might be for a year.  These two cons for hiring a broker to sell your Arkansas land for sale often keep people from getting top dollar for their land.


Nothing takes the place of experience in the real estate market.  I am passionate about this as I have twenty years experience and have sold hundreds of land tracts in my career.  You should shop for an aggressive qualified real estate broker to sell your Arkansas land.  Market exposure is the key factor to look for in a realtor.  In todayís world of internet land listing websites, an individual cannot get the overall exposure that the internet can.  Many realtors know which websites are the best and how to get your land listed on them.  It is cheaper to post your Arkansas land for sale online than in papers.  You still need help in writing the listing so as to attract attention.  A real estate broker is going to bring a black book containing clients who have already expressed an interest in a certain land and can match one of their clients with your property. These are just a few reasons to use a real estate pro, a Realtor can also advise you on what your property may need to attract the right buyer like with land a little bulldozer work will go a long way to spruce up your land.


In addition to marketing the property it is a big advantage to hire a professional when it comes to financing the land after the sale.  If you donít know how to help the buyer to obtain financing, you may never sell your property.  If the buyer does not have an 830 credit score and twenty percent down, it isnít going to happen.  This is where most sales are lost. A Real Estate professional will have access to lenders that the average person does not, I repeat I said the average person, some people that bank a lot in their business may have better access to a bank that will lend on land but in these days that is tough.


If you have land for sale in Arkansas, I highly recommend a licensed Real Estate Broker to sell your property for you. There is nothing worse than finally getting a buyer for your land and then seeing the deal blow out due to lack of financing.


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