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From the World to the Latin American Real Estate Market: For over ten years January First Real Estate has been a bridge to Real Estate International Transactions in Latin America.

We are a secure link between Sellers and Buyers, but also an escort to Buyers throughout the purchase process, guaranteeing the transparency of the transactions, avoiding overprices, language barriers and bureaucratic procedures.

We can assure the Accuracy and Transparency of the provided information. We also offer a wide variety of related services for Real Estate purchase in the New World

January First Real Estate is a privately-owned company, established by a team of professionals with more than 10 years combined experience in property and investment markets. Our current network of offices includes our headquarters in the UK; a sales office in Spain; a primary delegated location in Argentina  and a further one in  Brazil, along with many associate companies in our target market areas across Latin America.

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Tel: +1 (214) 3066 811
5512 Martel Av. - Dallas - Texas - USA Zip Code: 75206

Or you may reach us by filling this contact form

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