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Real estate is a troublesome and complicated industry to read - it is so large and there are so many players. When - Where - How does an astute agent or broker make a decision to expand, move or change? First and foremost, you always need to have sufficient information, facts and knowledge about the market, the players, the shifts and the trends that could have an impact on the outcome. Finding all the essential specifics is an enormously crucial task that is laborious and immensely time consuming.

That's unless you get the Swanepoel TRENDS Report published by RealSure and RIS Media. The Swanepoel TRENDS Report has become an indispensable guide for all real estate professionals - brokers, agents, association leaders, ancillary support providers - that are serious about the real estate industry. The Report is real estate's undisputed #1 "must read" publication providing a one-stop summary of the real estate industry... yesterday, today and tomorrow.

"The Swanepoel TRENDS Report is excellent and helps me guide my agents into working on the most productive parts of their business. It is an invaluable assent in planning for our industry," says Marti Hampton of REMAX One Realty in North Carolina. According to John P Reinhardt, President of Fillmore Real Estate, "Stefan is always right on with his trends. I enjoy watching what new ideas pop up around the industry and it's great to find them all in one place. The Swanepoel TRENDS Report is a must read for me and my team at Fillmore Real Estate."

Slated for a late January publication, the 2007/8 Swanepoel TRENDS Report is 150 pages of factual information covering an enormously wide spectrum of key real estate aspects wrapped in author Stefan Swanepoel's objective, to-the-point evaluation writing style.

"2006 has been one of the most eventful and controversial years in the real estate brokerage business since 2000," says Swanepoel, author of the Report.  "As the year draws to a close everyone is pondering the potential impact companies such as Zillow, Google, Yahoo, and Trulia are going to have; as well as the possible collapse of the MLS, the ongoing investigation of the Department of Justice and the explosive evolution of Web 2.0. The next two years are going to be industry changing."

For many, change causes fear, anxiety and anticipation about increased competition and perception of increased career risk. "All valid points," Swanepoel says. "No question that competition from all directions is on the rise, but at the same time the prospects for success are abundant. Real estate professionals must learn to identify and grab the low hanging fruit and utilize proven strategies to maximize the opportunities," he concludes.

The Swanepoel TRENDS Report 2007/8 monitors shifts in thinking, evaluates innovation and tracks existing real estate activities that show a strong tendency towards change, longer-term growth and possible structural collision with the residential real estate brokerage industry. The Report is a lively, enlightening, precise and enjoyable read that captures the essence of what is happening in the industry. "Swanepoel is indeed gifted in looking at the big picture of what's going on in the industry" says Don Kalal of California Brokers Institute.

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