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With over 80% of today’s home buyers and sellers beginning their investigations online, as a professional real estate agent, you must have your own web presence.  Having a page on your broker’s website does not represent you adequately.  You need your own website with your own brand identity, hosted in your own web domain.  Otherwise, today’s savvy internet prospects will pass you by.

Different agents have different budgets, and different levels of technical skill.  Consequently, Real Pro Systems provides two different agent systems, Real Pro Silver and Real Pro Gold.  Both provide premium-quality websites designed specifically for real estate agents, with customized splash pages and your own branding.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars with an independent web developer who doesn’t understand the real estate business, you can get a top-notch website for as little as a few hundred dollars.

Savvy agents know that when you have a high-quality website, you feature it as a “destination” in all of your communications.  Every listing flyer, every postcard, and especially on your business card, you publicize your website as your on-line resource.  You simply cannot create the desired level of online credibility until you have your own branded website hosted in your own domain.

Your Real Pro Systems website comes full of features specifically for home buyers and sellers.  These include postings for your listings, registration forms to request a CMA or home search, tips for buyers and sellers, and much more.  By providing valuable resources on your website, you entice visitors to become leads.

All of the marketing a real estate agent does is intended to produce leads that will become clients.  Agent systems from Real Pro Systems are designed with this in mind.  Depending on your budget and expertise, we offer a range of lead generation solutions.

Our Real Pro Silver and Real Pro Gold agent websites come with registration forms where visitors can request information such as a CMA or a home search.  When they register, they are required to provide an email address so you can send them the information they are requesting.  In so doing, they are opting in to receive information from you, and are placed in your lead database where your follow-up system can incubate them (below).

Real Pro Gold provides a more advanced lead generation solution.  It comes equipped with two (or optionally, three) “stealth” websites designed to generate leads.  Stealth websites do not feature your agent branding, but rather offer free services that are of interest.  Internet buyers and sellers often are not interested in speaking with an agent in the early phase of their investigation.  Registering to receive the information they request, they are opting in to receive email from you, and so they are placed into your follow-up system as well.

Another optional lead generation service available to Real Pro Gold agents is Pro Leads.  The Pro Leads team specializes in paid placement search engine advertising.  You establish your monthly lead generation budget, and our team of experts identifies the most cost-effective placement to drive internet home buyers and sellers into your lead database for automated follow-up.

While many real estate agent website offerings place a high emphasis on website traffic, that traffic does not necessarily create leads; they are not the same thing.  Since most internet buyers and sellers are not interested in speaking to an agent early in the search process, they are not likely to register on an agent’s branded website.  On the other hand, they are very interested in receiving the kind of free information offered by the stealth sites and Pro Leads service sites available with Real Pro Gold.  When they register to receive this information, they become leads, because they are assured an agent will not call them.  So how do they become serious prospects?

Now that we are living in the internet age, developing leads into clients is a different process from before.  Leads generated with Real Pro Systems’ offerings have opted in to receive your helpful information.  Both Real Pro Gold and Real Pro Silver come with a robust lead follow-up system that nurtures these leads and incubates them into prospects that are ready to speak with you.  Every email message from you includes your branded email stationery, created as part of your agent system.

Both the Silver and the Gold systems provide a “drip” email campaign system.  A drip campaign is a series of emails sent in sequence to your leads. Typically these are informative messages with tips and hints, and buyers and sellers are grateful to receive this information from you.

While Real Pro Silver comes with one prepared general follow-up campaign, and Real Pro Gold comes with three different campaigns, you are completely free to write your own or modify the ones provided.  You can include links, graphics, or your own calls to action to motivate the recipients to contact you.

You also get a custom-branded monthly newsletter as part of your agent system.  Each month it comes “primed” with a couple of articles of general interest.  You can add as much or as little to it as you like before you send it out.  Most agents like to add information of local interest or calls to action that motivate the recipient to contact the agent.

Using the drip email system, the monthly newsletter, and the built-in email blast tool, you can touch every one of your leads multiple times each month.  As long as your communications provide helpful information, your leads look forward to your messages.  After seeing your branding in each message over a period of time, when they are ready to act, they will call !

Many agents make the mistake of only nurturing prospects that are ready to do a transaction now.  But generating leads that fill the top of your sales funnel and then incubating them over time will ensure a steady stream of prospects and clients.  This incubation can take months or even years, but with our agent systems it requires almost no effort on your part.  Letting Real Pro Systems’ follow-up tools do the work makes it easy to nurture hundreds or thousands of leads at a time.

Real Pro Gold comes equipped with a fully integrated, online home showing feedback system.  When agents show your listings, the seller uses the tool to request the showing agent’s feedback via email; the request appears to be coming from you, the listing agent.  The showing agent then answers a small set of questions and adds their comments.

Your sellers see this feedback directly, whether showing agents think the price is too high, the carpet needs cleaning, or the deck has dry rot.  This greatly simplifies the challenge of getting your sellers to accept bad news.  They will agree far more readily to take corrective action, whether that means cleaning, repairing, or lowering the price.  With your sellers much more responsive to what the market is saying, you will close more transactions more easily.

Stepping back and looking at the overall sales process, Real Pro Gold and Real Pro Silver can help you attract a steady stream of leads and nurture those leads into prospects who are ready get serious and work with you.  As successful agents know, building your business is a numbers game.  The number of transactions you close is directly related to the number of clients you are working with, and that in turn, is derived from the number of leads you are nurturing into prospects.  Our agent systems are designed to help you be successful in building and maintaining your sales pipeline at each stage of the process.

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