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Credibility is the foundation for building relationships and making thousands of dollars every year based on good rapport. This is especially true in the case of working with attorneys, who hold the key to one of the most focused niche market of eager and motivated buyers and sellers. "No matter what kind of real estate is practiced, properly marketing credibility to attorneys can bring success," says Gerhard Cronje, author of How To Make A Fortune In Real Estate By Marketing To Attorneys.

According to Cronje during an exclusive interview, whenever an agent is marketing to a prospective attorney, or even a homeowner, they can spread the word all they want about their great deals, and fantastic promises, but in the real estate industry, if the agent does not have the credibility to back it up, they simply won’t maximize the potential of their marketing efforts.

People tend to do business with professionals they trust. The market is saturated with real estate agents trying to push their own idea about what the best possible deal is. Therefore, real estate professionals must make themselves stand out above the rest. In his book, Cronje provides ideas on how to get started in proving credibility.

  • Performance Guarantees - Real estate professionals must give the client something concrete to ensure that they will do what they have promised. For example, give a performance guarantee stating that: "I will sell your client’s home within 30 days, or I will pay their closing costs."

  • Policies - Examine the standard working policies. Make sure that major policies are accessible, clear, simple, and uncompromising. Anything a real estate professional can do to eliminate surprises along the way is a strengthening of their credibility.

  • Credentials and Testimonials - List qualifications and referrals from past or current customers, endorsements.

This 106 page book has 10 chapters and many sections containing additional great ideas to market to and work with attorneys. To get your copy of Cronje’s book visit the RealtyUU® Real Estate Bookstore.

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