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Reasons Investing In Land Is Almost Always Profitable In The Long Haul
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Most people think that land investment is only for realestate developers who buy big parcels of land for commercial or residentialdevelopment. But actually, http://alabamalandsource.cominvesting in land is one of the greatest investmentstrategies available for anybody who wants to build wealth!

As the supply shrinks and the demand increases, the value goes up. The supplyand demand equation is the essence of our free market economy.

Every year hundreds of thousands of immigrants enter thisbeautiful country. Most of them are highly educated professionals with financialresources and the mind-set to start pursuing their American Dream by investingin Land and/or other http://texaslandsource.comReal Estate… Add on the Baby Boomers, Unprecedented Rateof Birth and Longer Life Span to immigration, you will see why findingundeveloped Land close to major urban areas soon to be a thing of the past.

As you may know, baby boomers make up an incredibly large30% of our population–all moving towards retirement age over the next 15 years.About half of these people have no intention of staying in their current localewhen they retire. Many want to live in places with good “lifestyles”, warm anddry climates that are more arthritis friendly than the rainy and cold plains ofthe North.

According to many pundits’ predictions, “The southwest willbe the center of a http://chuckmagee.typepad.comreal estate boom of monumental proportions”. Searching for awarmer climate and a simpler way of life during retirement are the primarymotivations for relocation. With close to 75% of potential retirees expressingan interest in moving to a warmer climate for the retirement days, more than 50million people will be moving below the 35th parallel. Just think about it!

This marks a new and unprecedented era, as it is the firsttime in history we have ever seen this kind of significant shift in real estatebuying patterns. As we are currently in the very early stages of this majordemographic shift, the smart investors are taking advantage of this knowledgeby buying Undeveloped Land Now in order to cash-in in a few years time.

Moreover, the population of earth has increased by over 300%to 6.6 Billion People. The population of The United States has also increasedvery rapidly to over 304,000,000. And all these people compete for land to growtheir food, build their amenities and most importantly their homes on theirland.

Another important factor is the evolution of media. TheInternet has virtually eliminated the necessity of our physical presence toconduct business, etc. Nowadays, one can be an audience to a social performancewithout being physically present; one can communicate “directly” with otherswithout meeting them in the same place. The walls of our homes no longerisolate us from the invasive means of communications, courtesy of ourinterwoven “Global Village.” Simply, the Media, Telephone, Television, Fax andInternet have broken the spatial boundaries of the yesteryears and reshaped howwe live our lives or conduct our business. Electronic media is present innearly all physical settings in our country. Almost all American homes haveaccess to Telephone, Television and Internet.

Over 70% of http://ohiolandsource.comLand Buyers now conduct their due diligencethrough the Internet prior to buying. They see the property from satelliteimages… in some ways; the electronic media have homogenized our socialstructure and linked us all together regardless of our race, gender or statusin life.

I have experienced this evolution first hand; I have boughtand sold hundreds of parcels of land without physically seeing them, the buyeror seller. And with a few safety precautions, anybody can do it. I have boughtland in Hawaii, New York,California, Florida,Canadaand so on, all from the convenience of the Internet. I have also soldproperties to people from all walks of life from England,Canada, New Zealand andright here in the United Sates of America.

As you can see, we can conduct our business from our homesfar from the crowded urban jungles, thanks to the prevalence of the Internet.As a result of which large parcels of land in rural areas are becoming moreexpensive and hard to find. Today’s expansion of public roads and technologyactually bring us back more into nature…

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