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Recruiting With Technology: Your Email Drip Campaign
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Drip Campaigns may be “passive” systems… but they are by no means ineffective. As a matter of fact, it can be one of the most effective methods of recruiting that you will use. There is a key here: it MUST be helpful and informational – not “I Love Me” stuff. What do I mean by this? “I Love Me” is what this industry has been raised on since the beginning of time. It’s the “we’re the greatest…” or “we have the best email and websites…” or “our income systems are the best in the industry …” This is no different than the agent who only uses “Multi Million Dollar Producer” or “#1 Sales Agent in the marketplace…” The only people who care about that are those that are declaring it.

Let’s face it – in the 21st Century, everyone has great technology and “stuff.” What everyone doesn’t have is SUBSTANCE! Here’s where you can set yourself apart from everyone else in your market. Develop at least 2 drip campaigns: New/Rookie Agent and Experienced Agent. If you want to add even more substance – develop retention drip campaigns for your current agents – we will talk more about that later.

Let’s talk about the New or Rookie Agent Drip Campaign first. A new agent (or one who is going through the real estate licensing course) is looking for certain things - support, coaching, training… and the biggies – making them feel safe, secure and important. They are going to get bombarded by every company in your market with the same message: we are the best, come join the best. Your message needs to address the other issues. Your message needs to get that prospective agent “involved” in the process. How? By not only giving them the normal company information, but by asking them questions, getting them to think and inviting them to participate in your office activities before they pass the real estate exam.

Your New/Rookie Agent Drip Campaign should be an 8 week intensive contact series focusing on your training, support, systems and constant invitations to visit your recruiting website and attend your career night and other training opportunities. Let me ask you this question.  Will you generate loyalty and a sense of belonging if a prospective agent starts attending your events long before getting their license? Of course you will – you’re bringing them into your family and feeding their need to “belong.” You are starting the process of “belonging”, long before most other brokers will sit down and speak with them.

The second critical Drip Campaign is your experienced agent series. Let’s talk about the length of the campaign first. The experienced agent recruiting process is a “long escrow” – sometimes it can take YEARS to recruit the experienced agent. This means that your experienced agent campaign must last YEARS as well. If it doesn’t last for a minimum of 4 years you are going to miss some serious retained company dollar walking through your door.

The frequency is also important. The internet has made us indifferent. Direct Marketing Association statistics used to say the optimum length between contacts was 21 days. The internet has drastically changed that interval. It is sooooo easy to hit the “delete” button on your computer. If the subject line doesn’t hit us at the right time or tell us exactly what is in the email…. DELETE! The interval now has to be a maximum of 14 days and in our experience, we have the best results at 7 days between contacts. That’s right, every week, BUT it has to have the right message.

Your message is critical for a number of reasons. First, the message must show your knowledge. Second, the message must offer the agent something of value. Third, the message must offer just enough information to leave them wanting more. And fourth, every message must have a call to action.

Show Your Knowledge.  This is the most critical element. The agents today have spoken with their dollars. They are spending millions of dollars each year on coaching.   Agents are looking for a coach and a mentor with knowledge and skills. Your ultimate goal is to become their coach and mentor.

Offer the Agent Something of Value: Your drip campaign should be content and value rich. Each message in the drip campaign should contain information that  an agent can actually use to build their business. Hmmmm… maybe they should be called “Business Building Tips.” Include tips about Lead Generation, For Sale by Owner marketing, Business Planning, Building a Team, sourcing their business and more.

Just Enough: you are not going to take them step by step through every system and process. For example: if you are speaking of the 8 key steps to success in real estate and one of your steps is develop a business plan, you don’t have to walk them through every step of the business plan. Only give them the basics of “you must have a written business plan.” This leads to the fourth critical piece…

Calls to Action: to get someone to do something or take action what do you have to do? ASK THEM TO DO IT! It’s a step that we miss so often in the marketing process. To continue with the business plan example, if we tell then that step number 1 of the 8 key steps to success is to have a written business plan, then our Call to Action will read something like this: Call or email me today and I will help you develop your written business plan! When you do this, you are giving them the answer to their question of “how do I develop a written business plan?” You are also letting them know that you can, and will help them with this process.

You can always have more Drip Campaigns but at least have these two.

The breakdown in the recruiting process is due to a lack of systems.  The email drip campaign will provide you that system in an automated fashion.

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