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Remote Office Centers are office space leasing centers which lease individual offices to employees from multiple companies in one office building (or Center).

The purpose of Remote Office Centers (ROCs) is to provide professional office space in locations that are near where people live, so they can cut down on the commute, but still work out of a real office with professional grade internet, phone service and security.

Remote Office Centers provide:

  • A professional office work space (walls, desk, chairs, lighting, etc.)
  • Professional grade network access for VPN access to the company's private LAN/WAN along with personal firewalls.
  • A professional phone system - with voice mail - using VOIP.
  • A physical mailing address.
  • Secure access to the facility and office. (Card key scanner logs can be made available to the employer for verifying attendance and hours onsite.)
  • Flexible office space leasing that can grow or shrink as a company grows or shrinks, which is no longer constrained by location, or limited floor space in existing facilites.

Advantages over traditional telecommuting
Most people donít have the discipline, infrastructure, or enough trust from management to work effectively from their own home.  ROCs offer the best of traditional office environments with the convenience of being near where employees live.


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