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A Timely Arrival

Just in time for the 2006 planning season, RealtyU® Online, the web-based education arm of the RealtyU® Group, Inc., recently announced the release of a new course for real estate agents aptly named, “BUSINESS PLANNING – Purpose Driven Real Estate Planning for Successful Agents”.

According to Tom Mitchell, Senior Vice President of RealtyU® Online, “2005 has been one of the strongest years in real estate, and when the final numbers come in, it may be even the best year in recorded history. But the market is already showing signs of a slow down, and that means lower sales and fewer commissions for most real estate agents in 2006. The time is here for real estate agents to plan and ensure that they do not earn less commission next year, but instead use it as an opportunity to grow their market share.”

Cohesive, Logical Steps

The first step in creating future real estate success is to devise a strategy – a business plan that will map out the precise activities an agent will need to undertake in order to enjoy a productive 2006. RealtyU’s new business planning course was designed to provide real estate agents with an overview of plan creation, development, execution, and best practices. The course offers more than just the theory behind creating a well-balanced business plan, but also provides various worksheets for agents to fill-in key elements, including:
  • Components and Mechanics
  • Revenue and Commission Structure
  • Expenses
  • Decision Making
  • Business Development
  • Accountability and Tracking

A Complete Plan

According to Mitchell, “This course was designed to give Realtors® the knowledge necessary to assemble all the required components of a business plan. It helps them understand how to maximize the differences between revenue and income, teaching them how to properly separate variable and fixed expenses.”

The online course takes an agent through virtually every aspect of the planning process, such as calculating required closed listings and buyers, marketing expenses, commission splits, direct mail costs, newspaper and internet advertising, flyers and brochures, signs, business cards, cell phone, lock boxes, auto expenses, closing gifts, and much more. At the end of the process an agent can create his or her own itemized “To-Do” list for every week in 2006.

For more information on the course “BUSINESS PLANNING - Purpose Driven Real Estate Planning for Successful Agents”, visit RealtyU® Online’s Business Planning page.


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