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Licensed in the real estate business for over 38 years, Mr. Rothstein works as a real estate market analyst and broker based in Seattle, Washington. Between 1976 and 2001, in private practice as a real estate appraiser, Mr. Rothstein focused on the valuation of high-end residential properties for estate planning, litigation, and development clients.

As a broker and market analyst, Mr. Rothstein has served a diverse range of clients including the Federal Bankruptcy Court, trust departments of several large banking institutions, numerous law firms, residential development companies and private individuals. He maintains an active broker license and holds a GRI designation from the Pennsylvania Realtors Institute.

Housing Update Letters:

Mr. Rothstein has published research letters discussing market dynamics in the Greater Seattle, residential real estate market since the late 1980's as a service to consulting and brokerage clients. Beginning in 1999, delivery of these letters as well as other research and commentary has been provided via the web site.

The Market Strength Index (MSI)

In the mid 1980's Mr. Rothstein initiated work on new analytical models for measuring changes in the highly dynamic housing market of the Pacific Northwest. The result of this endeavor was the development of the Market Strength Index (MSI) also known as the Strand™ Index, for publication purposes.

Based upon the measurement of supply and demand trends, the MSI accurately measures the strength of a real estate market. This metric can be applied to a regional market or a sub-market within the region such as specific neighborhoods or price ranges, new home construction,condominiums, etcetera. Two US Patents have been issued for the MSI and additional patents are pending.

The Collateral Risk Score (CRS) is a derivative algorithm of the patented MSI and is designed to serve as a tool to forecast risk for mortgage backed securities investors.

Research shows that the MSI and CRS tools can generate risk forecasts of three to five years with a high degree of accuracy.

Mr. Rothstein can be contacted via his web site.

Solving the US Mortgage & Housing Crisis
As of the end of 2008, the US economy is in crisis.

The dilemma arose in the humble, but ubiquitous housing and mortgage sectors and cannot be resolved without first fixing the mortgage and housing problems. You are invited to view the Flash presentation (approx 10 min's)  at the link below that discusses a realistic approach to resolving the crisis.

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Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Individuals General
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