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Roof Repair Baton Rouge Louisiana-Proper Ventilation For Longer Shingle Life
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If you have had your Baton Rouge Louisiana roof inspected recently and were told your roofs shingles look older to the inspector than they really are, it could be due to improper attic ventilation. 

Proper attic ventilation is crucial to the overall health of your home. If your attic is not properly ventilated it could cause premature shi wear, excess moisture in your attic and insulation, mold growth and higher than normal electric bills. One cause of this somewhat new anomaly is the way houses have been constructed over the last couple decades. With Loui homes being built with plastic wrap, triple insulated windows and magnetically sealed doors. All these new building technics cause less air flow through the home and moisture build up in the attic among other damaging effects that have resulted in many unforeseen problems that need addressed by your contractor. You have to think of proper attic ventilation as your homes ability to breath. 

One of the most damaging side effects of improper attic ventilation is the build up of moisture. Excess moisture in your attic can lead to a 25%-50% reduction in your insulations efficiency which will lead to higher energy bills. If you have not had your attic inspected by a trained professional you should as soon as possible. A trained roofing professional can check for proper ventilation as well as check the temperature and moisture content of your attics insulation and inspect for damaging mold. 

Another side effect of improper attic ventilation is premature shingle wear. If your attic holds to much heat your shingles could blister. The cause of shingle blister is the build up of gasses released by the asphalt in the shingle and that can get trapped in the surrounding layers and eventually pop leaving pock marks that look similar to hail damage. I have inspected many houses in the Louisiana area this year that should have  their roof replaced strictly from the excess blistering which is somewhat preventable. The proper way air should move through your attic is from the soffit through the attic and out the ridge vent. The problem with many hom is improper soffit vents or not enough ridge vent or possibly improper type of ridge vent. A high efficiency ridge vent is an excellent way to increase air flow through your attic. 

If you leave your attic unchecked all these problems plus many others can and will cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Mold alone can not only cost thousands to remove but left unchecked could lead to a homes demolition just to get rid of it all. The average 2,500 square foot homes roof will cost $10,000.00 or more to replace. 

A simple check of your Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s home could save all these potential headaches and many thousands of dollars. Hire a trained professional roofing expert in your area to do a complete attic and roof inspection and save yourself money on repairs as well as utility bills. 


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