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Roof Repair Bunkie Louisiana-Chose Your Roofing Company Carefully
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If your Bunkie Louisiana home was one of the many damaged by the April 5th early morning hail storm that hit the town and outlying areas your not alone. The first thing on your mind now is making an insurance claim for the roof, siding and gutter damage but beware of roofing contractors that are unscrupulous.

This was no usual hail storm that blew through the small town of Bu nor was the amount of damage to the local homes. It has been barely a week since the hail storm blew through and the town and insurance companies are still assessing the damage that will certainly run into the millions. The worst and most obvious damage was to all the towns roofs but this hail storm was much more sever than the typical south Louisiana hail and wind storm. The size of the hail was much larger which in some cases was nearly baseball size and this caused roof damage along with siding, gutter broke out skylights and windows and even damaged wooden fences. 

The first step now for the towns home owners is to start the home repair process and this will likely bring in a couple contractors that are out to make a quick buck or more to the point are just out to steal your money. Choosing a good roofing company after a weather related disaster should be done carefully. If you know the roofing company that is great but odds are that after a storm of this magnitude the local roofers are not equipped to handle the mass numbers of houses damaged and you are going to have to look at some of the bigger companies that will come to your town. 

There are many ways to check out the companies coming to town. The first way is do an online Goo search on the companies you are looking to do business with. If you have never heard of the roofing companies you see around town a few things to look for are memberships and affiliations, see if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, this should be your first stop. You also want a roofing company that is a member of a local Chamber of Commerce it does not really matter what town only that they are members somewhere. When you do your Go search be thorough, search the company but also search the owner. By searching the owner you can find out how much experience he has as well as his background, look at the owners affiliations is he truly a roof crafter or not. I have seen several fine out of town companies in the Bunkie LA area, of these I know they can do a fine job all you need to do is check them out and make yourself comfortable with them.

After a major weather event like the April 5th 2012 hail storm in Bunkie Louisiana you will have to work with some out of town roofing companies, just do your homework on your chosen company and look at the work they are doing around town and you will get a good quality roofing job


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