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How do you know if your Baton Rouge Louisiana roof has hail damage? Typically hail needs to be around 1 1/4 inches in diameter or about the size of a half dollar to cause any real damage to heavy composite shingles or a wood shake shingle. 

Many things can cause damage to shingles other than hail, tree limbs can cause roof damage in a couple ways, overhanging tree limbs will make your roof have more algae build up. Homes with tree limbs touching the roof can be damaged by the rubbing of the tree limbs as well as the extra algae it causes. If your Louis house has a lightweight composite shingle smaller hail will cause damage, hail quarter size and even smaller can damage a roof of this grade. If your Baton Rouge home has an older roof or has deteriorated to some degree, dime or pea size hail can cause your homes roof to be damaged. 

If you witnessed hail at your Baton Rouge Louisiana home and think you may have roof damage look for other things on the ground around your house including screens, shutters, gutters, wood fencing and be sure  to check your car but remember new cars and trucks have special panels that can take hail hits better than cars of the past, they can even self heal to some degree so donít let your cars lack of hail damage deter you from checking on your ho roof.

If you inspect your ho roof yourself there are other types of damage to consider besides just hail. A composite shingle is made up of four layers: a matting composed of glass fibers or organic materials; asphalt; a filler made of sand and limestone; and granules made of crushed stone with ceramic coating. The damage caused by hail hits during a hail storm will knock the granules off the matting and expose the asphalt to weather extremes and the sun causing the shingle to deteriorate and shrink. The shingle will show embrittlement and harding after being exposed to the sun and weather  and over time they will become more susceptible to hail damage.

If you try to inspect your Louisiana home on your own a few things to keep in mind about hail are how the damaged areas of the roof look, hail damage will happen in a totally random pattern of strike hits, if you can see a pattern to the damage it is most likely not hail. In addition to the granules being knocked off during a hail storm, if the hail was large enough the shingles matt could be bruised. Shingle bruising can be felt in the matt by lifting the shingle tab up and feeling a tiny dimple in the back of the shingle matt directly behind the crater left by the hail strike.

If you have completed an inspection of your Baton Rouge Louisiana roof, one type of shingle damage that can look very similar to hail is blisters. Shingle blistering can even fool some insurance adjusters. Heat causes the asphalt to release gases, sometimes those gases are trapped by the surrounding layers and can pop leaving pockmarks in the shingles. A couple ways to tell the difference between a hail hit and blistering, blisters will never have bruising and if you place your finger on a blister the edges will feel sharp.  

If you feel you have hail damage call your insurance agent and file a claim, your insurance company will send an adjuster out to inspect your roof and remember it is always best if you are untrained to have a professional Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing company at the adjusters meeting to represent your interest.


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