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Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act


Another SARA is the Single Agency Realty Association, the pioneer national group of agents who wanted buyers as well as sellers to have the right to an agent representing them.   Founded in the 1980s in Montgomery County, MD, by Bernadette McTighe, with Helen Hillstrom, Mary Sheridan, and Sharon Mulholland as other founding officers, the organization soon had members across the country, sharing experiences and ideas and working for equal rights for buyers and sellers. 

Agents who have been active for many years remember when buyer agents in some parts of the country could not use lockboxes, were not offered a fee in MLS, and had other restrictions.   Agency disclosure laws and education gradually changed to provide equal representation to both buyers and sellers.  

SARA was superceded by REBAC and most members of SARA were active in that organization from the beginning of REBAC.  REBAC offers the best-known professional designation. 

Although it is no longer active, SARA deserves to be remembered for the support it gave to pioneer buyers agents.  

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