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SPSTM is a system that gives you everything you need to
Win and then Automatically Market your Listings.

Free as a Pre-Listing Tool
Set up your Listing as a Single Property Site in about 15 minutes with unlimited high-resolution photos!

Then show this elegant and impressive presentation of the home to your potential Selling Client - all for free so far.

Automated Marketing
After winning the Listing Contract, now attract Buyers.
SPS automates all your marketing and saves you hours!
  • Market the listing with a street address domain name and sign rider.
  • Syndicate the your Listing to all the key feeds such as Trulia, Zillow, Google Base and more
  • Auto-post elegant flyers to CRAIGSLIST
  • Automated Picture Path Link at REALTOR.COM
  • Create Print Flyers
  • Use WIDGETS to present on BLOGS,. MySpace, Your WebSite and more
SPS is a subscription service with no contract. Use it as you need it.

How Much Is it?
Typical fees are as low as $5 per month per listing. Sold listings stay live for free.
Office and Broker Accounts can set up unlimited Single Property Sites for around $1 per listing per month.

External Links
Go to the Single Property Sites website

See a Sample


Technology Providers in Real Estate - Real Estate Internet Services
Technology Providers in Real Estate - Real Estate Software Providers
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