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   Growing up in Greenwood with her father, Neil Cost, a local hunting icon, for whom the Greenwood chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is named, was an enriching experience. Dad was more than;just turkey hunter. In fact, he was known as the Stradivarius of Turkey Call Makers.
Sally's Dad left her a work ethic and the firm belief that she could be as successful as he was if she wasn't afraid to different.His example taught Sally to be more than just"house hunter".

Sally's goal to raise your home buying or selling experience to an art form; Just as her Dad worked hard to produce the kind of turkey calls that made ;turkey hunting easier and more pleasant for millions of hunters, they work hard making lots of calls of heir own and doing the kind of research that makes house hunting  and home buying an easier and more pleasant experience for folks just like you.

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Sally Morris expertly guides buyers and sellers through the purchase and sale of real estate in and around Greenwood SC including all of Lake Greenwood

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Buyer Representation

Buyers Do You know Who's Really On Your Team? Who's A double Agent & Who's On The Other Team? You must know this before you decide to purchase your first real estate property or your next real estate property. Agents are required to present  you with a brochure explaining the types of relationships between real estate agents and their company and buyers of real estate at the first opportunity. Getting this information and understanding this information are two separate things. Read more Who's Got Your Back

How To Find The Perfect Home

How To Find The Perfect Home 
Actually there is no such thing as a "perfect home"  the process of finding your first home or next home isn't about finding a home that meets all your expectations it's about eliminating all the homes that meet few or none of your expectations. To save time in eliminating all of those, which will be the majority of the real estate on the market to get to the few that will be good possibilities for you. Then you can spend more time  finding the one that meets most of your needs. Since it is a process of elimination it is best to make a list of your must have's and your must not have's. Narrow down the area in regards to schools, jobs, doctors, shopping, etc. and how far and how much time you are willing to spend to travel to get to these necessities, and how much you have to spend. ( pre-qualifying with a lender will give you this amount ) Setting a minimum price is almost as important as setting the highest price.
 Now you are ready to start a preliminary search to get a feel for what you can get for the money you have to spend. Don't be distracted by paint colors or sellers decorating tastes, or lack of taste in your eyes, those can be changed. It is hard to look past these things but you must practice looking at the layout of the home, size of the rooms, location and style.
 These things can't be easily changed. If it doesn't flow with your lifestyle it's best to just move on to another one. Some people have actually bought a home because they loved the colors and the sellers style only to realize too late that it just does not fit their living needs and once the previous owners have removed their "things". 

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