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Shon Kokoszka
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In 1993 Shon Kokoszka was in school and working in construction. Today he is one of the real estate industry’s foremost buyer specialists. In 2004 the Denver-based Keller Williams super-agent closed 246 transactions for a total volume of $39.4 million. Shon’s entrance into real estate might be best termed “inauspicious” – his mother Dianna fell ill for a time, and he stepped in to lead her practice while she recovered.

For the next three months he ran her business, trying to close 22 pending contracts with no real knowledge of the industry, save his mother’s tutelage. By the time she returned, she realized that her son had obviously contracted the sales bug, and was especially talented in working with buyers. Shon has identified the specialties within this niche as development, financing, and home-building.

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Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Agents
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