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Short Documentary_ "Trail Stewards of the Lost Sierra"
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“Trail Stewards of the Lost Sierra” really captures an activity at the heart of the Eastern Plumas and Sierra Country.

It can be watched here:

The documentary highlights the work of the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. This group has created a community enterprise that maintains and manages 150 miles of trails. It has transformed the region with tourism, outdoor living, and true sustainability.

Their impressive volunteer force started working just over ten years ago. Coming from towns like Blairsden, Portola, Loyalton, Graegle, Sierra Valley, and Sierraville, they were a band of people who were dedicated to a cause. They began putting in weeks of work to enhance the bike trails for the use of themselves and their neighbors. Little did they know that their actions would become an economic lifeblood to the region.

The volunteer activities drew outdoor enthusiasts from across the western U.S. As the network of trails grew, the Stewardship was endowed with more and more funding. Now it has a payroll of $500,000, and it is an important employer in the area.

Even more importantly, the area has grown economically. Green activities such as horseback riding and dirt biking have attracted a large tourism base. Restaurants, inns, and stores have benefited from an active trade.

The Stewardship hosts a number of exciting activities every year. The best-known events include the Fall Mountain Epic for trail riders and the Endurance Run. Festivals bring music and entertainment to the area. The organization's mission now includes fostering a love for the outdoors. There are trail days with kids and special programs for teens.

The Stewardship's economic boon has led to more and better homes for sale in Plumas County. This type of sustainable enterprise with its emphasis on the area's natural wonders encourages nature lovers and entrepreneurs to move to the area.

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