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Should I Allow My Home To Be Included On An Agent Caravan?
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If your listing agent belongs to a large brokerage office, having your agent place the home on the list for a Caravan will introduce your house to many other agents working in the same office.  Sometimes it is accomplished with a caravan of cars and sometimes by bus.  Thus, they get a “head start” on familiarizing themselves with your property. Many brokerages will have the agents get together, share vehicles, and “caravan” to all of the new listings. They generally pull up in front of your house at about the same time and either have a quick lunch or view your home making notes of outstanding features.  Most of the time participants in a Caravan are asked for their feedback regarding positive and negative impressions, which are then shared with the seller to improve the chances of the home being sold quickly. 


The agents will typically go through the home quickly and usually look for anything memorable, unique or different, especially when they have a particular buyer in mind. Then they move on to the next house on the tour.  Although most of the agents may not have a ready buyer, even if one or two come back and show your home, your chances of selling the house are increased when a caravan is used to increase exposure. 

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