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Should I Have An Inspection Done Before Listing The Home?
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Having an inspection done before you list the home is a good idea because it allows you to identify and repair any issues, which might jump out at a prospective buyer.  By hiring a good inspector, you can be sure that you will obtain detailed information in the form of a report, which allows you to address the problems but also to share with prospective buyers the results of the inspection and the repairs.  Essentially, the buyer can be sure that they are buying a ready-to-go home. 


A typical inspection will run between $200 and $400 for a three or four bedroom home in most states. The larger the home, the more time an inspector will spend and the more expensive the inspection becomes—it goes with the territory. 


Because most buyers will have an inspection done anyway, you place yourself ahead of the competition by volunteering the inspection and results.  In some cases, the buyer may choose to accept your inspection and repairs to save the money.  Selecting a reputable inspection company in your area and volunteering their contact information will enhance the possibility that the buyer may be satisfied with the results of your inspection. 


Recent statistics show that for every $1 of identified repairs, the buyer is likely to ask for double that in a price reduction. Paying $5,000 to repair a roof is far more enticing than losing $10,000 in the sale.  Although there are bargain hunters who are willing to take over the repairs once they purchase the home, the vast majority of buyers would like to bypass any complications and additional challenges when buying a home. 

Home Selling Questions - Selling Disclosure & Inspections FAQ's
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