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Should I Have a Plan when Cold Calling?
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Yes. As with any marketing approach, you should have a plan and a script when cold calling. A script will help you work through your initial concerns and provide ready answers. You will find it impossible to follow the script word for word (and you should avoid trying to stick to strictly stick to it) but the script serves to develop your “sales pitch” and help you stay focused.

The first step in creating your plan is to develop a list of prospects and contact numbers. Consider driving around your area collecting the number of homes sold by owner (FSBOs). Other prospects can include expired listings you obtain from the MLS. Do keep in mind that expired listings require enormous tact, to avoid antagonizing the property owner. Remember the seller is frustrated because the home did not sell the first time around.

Another approach to cold calling would be to buy a list from a “list broker.” List brokers can be found in the Yellow Pages. Always remember to check the Do Not Call List, before making cold calls, to avoid fines.

The second consideration in creating your plan is to think of the timing. You may track the amount of time a home has been on the market as a FSBO (just ask how long the home has been for sale, when you call the seller). If the home was recently placed on the market, your chances for obtaining the listing may be lower than if the seller is getting tired of the hassle.
Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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