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On potatoes I could not live without really. And by that I'm not alone: ​​Each of us eats an average of 65 kilos per year of the tuber vegetables! The only drawback of these statistics: The largest share make finished products such as potato chips Skin Tightening after Weight Loss and french fries from. Here potatoes can do so much more - I'll tell you my best tips for underestimated all-rounders.

Boiled potatoes and fried potatoes - these are the most common cooking methods for potatoes. But the healthy tubers are much more versatile: from puree over gratin and salad to pizza or Süßspeisen- anything is possible! It is only important that you choose the right potato for each dish. While there are an incredible number of varieties, but they all fall into one of these three categories: floury potatoes have a lot of strength and disintegrate during cooking. Therefore they are ideal for soups, purees and potato dough (for example, gnocchi). Predominantly waxy varieties are best suited for salt and boiled potatoes. And waxy potatoes are the first choice for salads and baked potatoes because they contain very little starch and therefore remain in good shape.
Tips for Shopping

When buying it, that the potatoes have a smooth and undamaged shell. You can see at a glance whether the tubers were stored incorrectly addition already: When these germs, they have received too much heat and lost in flavor. Green points are extreme weight loss methods a sign that potatoes were exposed to too much light. If you see such specimens: Stay away! Because in the green spots that harmful solanine is included.

Proper storage

Formerly you bought potatoes in large quantities and then stored in the cellar - and often for months. This worked perfectly since the cellars were then cool, airy and dark. And these circumstances are perfect to store the tubers long time. Nowadays, however, most cellars are much too warm and too dry. Therefore, it is better to buy potatoes in small quantities and store it in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. If they are wrapped in plastic, it is advisable to pour the potatoes in a paper bag or jute.
Fried potatoes and mashed potatoes

Even if you extremely much may vary potatoes, that does not mean that you should emphasize the absolute classic, fried potatoes and mashed potatoes out of your diet. These dishes taste wonderful - if you follow these tips.

    For crispy fried potatoes, you should use a waxy variety. Boil the potatoes al dente with bowl and let it cool down. You should then peel the potatoes and cut into equal slices.

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    The potato slices in plenty of hot olive oil fry. Meanwhile, turning once.
    Enter bacon and onions to the potatoes and fry all together for a few minutes. Then season with salt and pepper.
    Pour off the oil and add even add a little butter and chives. Finished are the roast potatoes!

Mashed Potatoes:

    To prepare mashed, boiled potatoes must be crushed. But use it no hand blender, as this makes the mashed potatoes tough and sticky.

    For fine puree, you must Skin Tightening after Weight Loss press the potatoes through a potato ricer, for some coarse puree it is enough to crush the potatoes with a masher.
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