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Now nearing its seventh year in real estate education, iSucceed continues to discover the most innovative, articulate and successful agents to add to its premier faculty of top producers. 

Margaret Rome

The award-winning dynamo Margaret Rome of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage began her real estate career in 1990 in the Baltimore market, committed to becoming successful without any other paid staff bolstering her numbers.  In order to accomplish that goal, Margaret has developed time and energy management techniques that help her to achieve and remain a consistent top producer. With the catchy slogan “Sell Your Home with Margaret Rome”, Margaret puts a premium on knowing her clients, her market, and the real estate business. Always eager to learn new skills and specialties, she has earned designations that nearly span the alphabet.

A computer novice in 1990, Margaret has enthusiastically embraced the technology tools that help to serve her clients quickly, effectively, and personally. She keeps her always-connected, go-anywhere tablet computer close at hand.  Rome’s Treo Smart phone and voice mail also keep her in touch with clients, and her GPS keeps her headed in the right direction. Margaret uses a compact digital camera to capture high-quality images for her listings. Her website,, welcomes both sellers and buyers with useful information in addition to quick listing access as well as features a blog with up-to-the-minute real estate news and insights.

Over the years, Margaret has won many “Top Lister” and “Top Producer” awards, but she holds two special accolades closest to her heart.  In January of 2006 she was named “Humanitarian of the Year” at the Allen F. Hainge CyberStars® convention, and also won the Carolyn Howd Award, named for an agent who helped her clients, other agents and friends even as she was hospitalized and dying of breast cancer; presented by Floyd Wickman’s Master Sales Academy.  Rome’s first contribution to iSucceed comes in the form of an incredibly popular success module entitled, “The Million Dollar Solo Agent”.

Hugh Ryall

Hugh Ryall’s business acumen was developed over the years from a variety positions, including import-exports, chemical goods, the automotive industry and even logging.  He has owned a traditional real estate firm specializing in marketing new construction, as well as a full-service real estate agency specializing in buyer representation.  However, real estate education is Ryall’s passion.  He served as president of the Palmetto Real Estate Educators Association from 1995 to 1996, and as the National Marketing Committee Chairman for the Real Estate Educators Association.  Hugh was also the National Education Chairman for the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents, and served on the Board of Directors of REEA as the Region 6 Regional Vice President.


Ryall was among the first twelve agents to be inducted into REBAC Hall of Fame, and was also named by Agency Law Quarterly as one of the Top 50 Agency Instructors in the country.  He was honored in 1998 by the South Carolina Association of Realtors as “Outstanding Educator of the Year”, and in 1999 was one of four instructors across the country nominated by REEA as the “National Real Estate Educator of the Year”.  His educational company, Hugh Ryall Seminars, is one of the largest real estate schools in South Carolina – an accredited Affiliate of the RealtyU® Network for over a decade now.  Ryall helped to produce his first Counseling Call, “The Significance of the Seller’s Agent in a Down Market”, only weeks ago.

Jeremy O’Neal

Jeremy O’Neal is a rising star who entered the real estate industry in 2002 at Corona Realty in California with only $2000 to his name.  At the end of 2005 he had racked up $28 million in gross revenue on 52 transactions – not bad for only three years in the business!  O’Neal has a passion for continuing education, investing 5-10% of his income into the advancement of his own real estate sale expertise.  He devours books, reading an average of 50 per year, and employs a full-time real estate sales coach to work both sides of the transaction, including escrow coordination and lead generation.

Before joining the rank-and-file in real estate, Jeremy was the General Manager of an automotive repair shop in Southern California, where he increased gross annual sales from $156,000 to $720,000 in six years.  Jeremy and his wife Leah have a son, Gavin, and a golden retriever named Sammy.  His hobbies include go-kart racing go, collecting motorcycles, and spending time with his family.  O’Neal was proud to be included among the iSucceed faculty, and is currently in the process of wrapping up his first success module on the topic of open houses.


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