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Yvonne Bonner, a native Houstonian and lifelong resident of the Riverside Terrace area, has enjoyed steady success and rising profits every year since she started, largely resulting from the foundation she laid in her first year as a rookie.

Bonner entered the real estate market in 2000, coming from a background as a corporate trainer and a self-described reluctant salesperson, and she became a top producing agent in her office from the very beginning. She began with a small niche real estate firm where she quickly accelerated into a high-volume producer and top residential sales agent within the first year, reaching gross sales of over $4 million. A few short years later she raised the bar to $11 million.  Excelling in the areas of residential, commercial and investment sales, Yvonne’s skill and knowledge have allowed her to assist her clients with their personal home purchases and sales as well as investment leases and sales  In an interview with iSucceed’s William Shue, Yvonne shares her story in a Tele-Seminar titled: From $4 Million the First Year to $11 Million Last Year: An Inspiring Rookie Success Story.

She describes her almost accidental induction into  the real estate business, along with those few key things she did from the very beginning to get those first few clients.  Many of Yvonne’s satisfied clients have consulted her on the purchase of multiple properties. Having successfully entered the builder niche, Yvonne currently represents several builder clients with their new home sales.  Since recently joining Martha Turner Properties, Yvonne has focused on high-end resale and new home construction and development, and continues to be extremely technology oriented; developing techniques that embrace efficient and paperless real estate transactions.

Regardless of what is happening in other US markets, Houston is very much alive and in demand with 597,000 people having moved there during 2006.  Agents are saying that currently it is the best market they have ever seen, with the city authorities telling builders to build, build and build.  The equation is high growth, high appreciation, lot of land, and lots of houses to buy or sell. 

During this helpful call, Bonner also talks about her first transaction, how she went the extra mile for the client and why that directly translated into securing the listing.  She also discusses what she’s learned about investors along the way and what key components make up a property analysis. After steadily growing her business year after year, Bonner now has a strong marketing budget to work with and describes what initiatives she has in place and which campaigns seem to work the best.

In the technology arena, Bonner swears by a popular real estate software contact manager, but confesses it has a bit of a learning curve. Not intimidated by technology, Bonner is one of a handful of Houston agents who use electronic signature exclusively, with the majority of contract work being done in paperless mode. When asked for one piece of advice for rookies,  she answered: “There are many things I could say, but in terms of daily outlook I always remind myself that, no matter how bad today was, the phone will always ring tomorrow.“

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