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The Home Staging industry has really come alive in the past several years across the country and realtors are now recognizing the benefits of using Home Stagers to prepare their clients properties.  Stats prove that staged homes sell at a much faster rate and at a higher profit than homes that are not “show ready”.  To enter into this field you can rest in confidence that this is a much needed industry and will not phase out in the long term Take your future into a new direction!  Start your own Home Staging Company TODAY!

Types of careers to expect with your home staging expertise

Facts prove that Home Stager’s can be perfectly successful in many avenues once they are certified as trained.  CNN recently posted that HOME STAGING was in the top 7 careers for 2011 forward.  Home stager’s can expect to join with brokers as partners in obtaining house sales and agents are now obtaining staging training to offer clients as an incentive for the listing.  This profession is on the fast track and it is common place to have a home staged prior to placing it on the market these days.  Home stager’s are also branching out to commercial staging.  No longer confined to residential, staging is now effective in gaining clientele in the workplace.   Lobbies, salons and hotels are looking to the stager to improve their establishments and offer the perfect first impression.  You can be sure that once you are trained in this profession that your skills will be in high demand.  The US Labor of Bureau Statistics estimates this industry will grow at a minimum of 19% citing an increased interest in interior design in general.  What can you expect for annual salary?  To start interior designers earn approx. $51k while a real estate agent earns approx.  $54k and this index comes from the US L.B.S. as well.   Of course every agent, designer and stager work independently, for the most part, and this report would differ according to the effort each puts into their business.  Overall, whether a Home Stager works with a Real Estate firm or independent this industry is here to stay.

Properties that require staging include:  Residential and re-sale properties, new builds, corporate rental models, residential model homes, residential rental properties, commercial offices, lobbies, boutiques, salons, cafe, wineries and vacation homes to name just a few.

Home Staging  Training Resources

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Home Selling Questions - Staging & Marketing FAQ's
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