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A national survey conducted in the fall of 2005 indicated that baby boomers children are the next generation of purchasers. Baby boomers are still purchasing pre-existing homes as well but this new generation of buyers have different needs than that of the older now baby boomer generation. Older buyers are still looking for quality at good price and will opt for a guest room rather than the large home of four bedrooms where they raised their children. Downsizing but will not want any costly repairs or remodeling.

The new generation is looking for more modern touches in a home and want as much square footage as possible with the budget they have and will take their time in making their decision on any particular purchase. These buyers will want separate rooms for their children, a nice yard for them to play and be safe. They are looking for updated kitchens and bathrooms. They will notice any "extras" you have introduced in your home, such as, molding, luxurious flooring, fixtures and windows. This new generation will spend more time at home with family and will want a nice garden or yard to entertain their family and friends. Of course, location is everything, however, if a home is not ideally located to the business district, per say, then you will need to make up for that by making your clients home a place that this type of buyer will want to live regardless of the commute time to the office.

When preparing a home for the real estate market you will need to take special care with repairs, updates and definitely STAGING.

A buyer will make their initial decision about a home the minute they pull up in front. Curb appeal is a must! Once inside the home they will go with the "feeling" they have upon entering. You will need to concentrate on the FIRST IMPRESSION of each home, as this is what will stand out in the potential buyers mind as they go through their decision-making. The goal of selling a home quickly and for top price will be due to the process of preparation and staging to show. Rooms will need to be balanced and to scale to feel inviting.

Home Stages Designs now offers a Comprehensive Home Staging Business Start Up & Training Kit to teach you the "art" of staging homes for the real estate market. This training was created by the President of Home Stages, a 20 year veteran interior designer. You can take her lead and start your own home staging company and enter into this rewarding career of making the "seller" and the "buyers" dreams come true. Staged homes benefit all and agents will agree that a properly staged home will not languish on the market.1


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Real Estate Information Sources - General Real Estate Information
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