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Steven Morris is the author of "What Now? The Real Estate Salespersons Guideline Book" and the creator of the eight CD set "Real Estate Sales Success System" and the four CD sets "Real Estate Company Success System - Mastering Recruiting and Mastering Agent Production and Retention". He has been a real estate broker for 30 years and is licensed in both the states of California and Florida.  Mr. Morris started his real estate career after a successful career as a professional musician in the late 1970's.  Interest rates were hovering at 9% and crept to 18% in his first 3 years as a real estate salesperson. In spite of that he had 4 transactions in his first month and had over 200 by 1982. He founded SJ Morris Real Estate in Beverly Hills, CA in the early 80s and personally recruited over 500 real estate agents during the next 10 years.  He subsequently sold his company and accepted a position on the executive staff of the fifth largest real estate company in the US with 4,000 agents and 50 offices.  He later became the Executive General Manager for a large real estate and mortgage company in Orange County California, which now has 9 offices worldwide, before relocating to Orlando, Florida and embarking on a career as an independent real estate consultant, trainer and coach.  He has an extensive real estate sales, real estate recruiting and real estate sales management background and currently coaches nearly 30 real estate company owners in 11 states and Puerto Rico.  

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Professionals in Real Estate - Authors, Speakers & Educators
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