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A proud citizen of Austin, Texas since 1977, Stuart Sutton began his real estate career immediately after graduating from the University of Texas in May of 1981. As a member of Mastermind Group, he successfully served his clients and customers for two years, totaling $2 million in revenue, prior to managing a large real estate brokerage office. After growing that office to over 50+ agents in seven years, Stuart returned to residential sales.

Consistent management of a large residential brokerage office gave Stuart the insight to determine what works effectively for homeowners, and how those tools can be implemented with the highest degree of effectiveness. Stuart knows what buyers want; who is willing to pay top dollar for a seller’s home and why. His detailed and exhaustive marketing plan – the result of over 24 years of real estate industry experience – is designed to directly appeal to those buyers. Multiple transactions with FNMA, FHLMC, Homequity, PHH Relocation, Associates Relocation, and numerous banks and savings and loans evidence his extensive marketing expertise.

Today Stuart implements advanced technology for extensive exposure for the home sellers he represents, and although most agents take similar actions to market homes, Stuart knows that the key is with what degree of excellence those tasks are completed.

Stuart is an instructor for state of Texas governing body which mandates continuing education for brokers. He is also the author of numerous articles printed in four real estate publications of various scope. He is a national speaker and trainer; teaching marketing techniques to real estate agents in U.S. and Canada.

His work with incoming corporate employees at Dell Computers, IBM, AMD, Motorola, First USA, Sulzer Orthopedics, Wayne Dresser, and numerous other companies have given him a broad and robust training perspective, especially with regard to the key subjects of marketing, valuation, and negotiation. In 2004, Stuart closed 200 transactions for sales of more than $31 million.

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