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This report on real estate trends is authored by Stefan Swanepoel and published annually by RealSure Publishing. The 159-page 2007 edition was published on February 1, 2007. It is widely recognized as the most extensive research on change in the residential real estate industry. It monitors shifts in thinking, evaluates innovation and tracks existing and new trends that show a strong tendency towards possible structural impact on the industry.

Information and opinions provided are based on the following factors: Origin of the concept or trend, the driving force behind it, its lifecycle and maturity, the industry demand or need for the result, its growth pattern and its potential impact on the Industry. The Report is a result of over 500 hours of research, hundreds of interviews as well as the review of thousands of reports, articles, press releases and websites.

The residential real estate brokerage industry appears to be about half way through a 10 -15 year industry transition – one that is creating confusion, turmoil, retirement, regret, frustration but above all huge opportunities in the industry.

The 2007 Report includes detailed discussion on the following Top 10 real estate trends:

1 Paradigm Power - New and Existing Real Estate Business Models Proliferate

2 The Perfect Storm - The Democratization and Standardization of Information

3 Web 2.0 - Competing, Combating or Collaborating

4 Chasing the Consumer - Slicing the Marketing Pie 

5 The Swinging Door - Poor Industry Image and Overall Lack of Knowledge

6 The Young, Daring and Smart Changing Consumer and Realtor® Demographics 

7 The Race is On - Brand Recognition - National Reach - Critical Mass

8 The Tipping Point - Globalization, Immigration and Growing Demand for US Property

9 Extinction or Evolution - Associations: It’s Time for Serious Introspection and Action

10 The Hangover - The Bubble, Exotic Loans, Fraud and Declining Commissions


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