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The Swanepoel Trends Report is an annual report that is authored by Stefan Swanepoel every year summarizing the preceding year and detailing the most significant real estate trends, innovation and new business models impacting the industry. The 2008 edition is 170 pages and was published on February 1, 2008. The Report is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive Report covering change in the real estate business.

The 2008 Swanepoel Trends Report also this year includes two special supplements for Agents and for Consumers. These sections provide one-page summaries of each of the trends and then offer recommendations and practical action steps for agents how they can stay current with change and ahead of their competition. For consumers a separate summary focuses on how it impacts the home buyer, seller and owner.

Top 10 Trends for 2008

The 2008 edition discusses the following top 10 trends.1

Real Estate Trend #10
Shattered Glass - How the Rise of Women, Youth and Minorities in Leadership Roles is Changing the Face of Real Estate.

Real Estate Trend #9
Thought Reform - Examining The DNA Of The New Breed Of Real Estate Professional - And How You Can Compete.

Real Estate Trend #8
Clash of The Titans - Why Power Brokers are Flexing Their Muscles and How You Can Benefit?

Real Estate Trend #7
The Tug of War Has Started Again - What the Evolving and Changing Real Estate Business Model Means To You

Real Estate Trend #6
Gone in 60 Seconds - Analyzing the Identity Theft Threat and Data Security Options That Can Protect You and Your Clients

Real Estate Trend #5
In Search of Productivity - How to Keep Growing Your Market Share on a Slippery Slope

Real Estate Trend #4
Four Weddings and a Funeral - What the Changing Borders and Boundaries of MLS Means to You

Real Estate Trend #3
The New Digital Currency - Why Information Is Worth More to Some People than Livestock, Land, Gold, or Oil?

Real Estate Trend #2
Pop Goes the Weasel - The Untold Story about the Housing Bubble Tightening Its Grip on the Real Estate Market

Real Estate Trend #1
Two Worlds: One Industry - How the Evolution of Online Communities and Networks Impacts You



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