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The Swanepoel Trends Report is an annual report that is authored by Stefan Swanepoel every year summarizing the preceding year and detailing the most significant trends, innovation and new business models impacting the real estate business. 

The 2009 edition is 160 pages and was published on February 2, 2009. The Report is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive Report covering change in the real estate business.

Table of Contents

The 2009 edition discusses the following top 10 real estate business trends.1 

Real Estate Trend #10

What if Your E&O Insurance No Longer Existed? What a Nightmare. This trend discusses what happens in the event of a sale of the company where you are working and provides suggestions on how to protect yourself.


Real Estate Trend #9

This trend discussed which factors are shaping housing values and future property developments and what are impact urban adjustments could have on real estate.


Real Estate Trend #8

As the green movement gains more grassroots support, green buildings and green mortgages are starting to influence the job of a real estate professional.


Real Estate Trend #7

Web traffic has increase so much so over the last few years that we now have an information highway congestion. Learn ho to establish a legitimate marketing channel and take a strategic approach to online marketing.


Real Estate Trend #6

Real estate may be local but buyers no longer need to be. In The Foreign Factor the Trends Report discusses new non-US based companies expanding internationally as well global networking, IDX, transactions and social media.


Real Estate Trend #5

MLS has been and remains one of the most discussed, debated and controversial topics of the last few years. Now that NAR has settled with the DOJ interest is swelling for a national MLS.


Real Estate Trend #4

Major new NAR initiatives could fundamentally change the real estate industry. Learn about their four most important second century initiatives.


Real Estate Trend #3

Greed and stupidity caused the largest real estate, foreclosure and financial meltdown in living history. This has led to an overall business recession and a multi-billion trillion dollar bailout by government. Where do we start the path to recovery?


Real Estate Trend #2

The power has shifted. Never before have so many people had the opportunity to connect with so many other people, voice their opinion and shape history. This trend discussed social networks, wikiís, micro-Blogging and the rising power of the individual.


Real Estate Trend #1

Yes, we are in a depressed real estate market, but for those of us that have been around a few decades, we know cycles are part of the real estate journey. This trend discusses the changing real estate paradigm and the recommended steps for brokers and agents during a down market.



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