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TX Land For Sale-Using Timber Value To Lower Your Per Acre Base Price When You Buy Land
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When you are in the market to buy Texas land for sale looking for land with good timber value is one of the best ways to get the base cost of your land lower.

 Whether your Texas land is for recreational purposes or you are looking for a future homesite with a little acreage one of the best ways to get your cost lower in the dirt value of your property is to look for a timberland property.  When you are looking for a timber investment or just wooded land to buy Texas can be a harder state to find that in, some counties like Smith, Van Zandt and Rains will have more and better timber than Ellis and Hunt Counties so you will have to look hard to find this specialty land tract in some parts of Texas. Most people have no idea what the value of timber is and the best thing you can do if you are searching for the land yourself is acknowledge this fact and it may save you some grief in the future. When you find a good Texas property have a timber expert ready to do a cruise for you this is the only way you will know what and how much timber and value of that timber you have. I have bought timber tracts for close to twenty years now and if the timber is very uniform I can get somewhat close to the value but that is not good enough if you are trying to use the value of the timber to help leverage you into the land.

 Now one of the next questions should be how do I go about finding a reputable timber company or timber expert to cruise my land? This is the most important thing you can do and is where you will come out ahead or get majorly screwed I have had it both ways. The first thing to do is ask around, get on Facebook and ask all your friends if they have had and Texas land managed by a timber management company or had any timber cut and if so how did they come out, were the volumes that they were quoted actually there and was the value quoted there.

 Your volume and value is what will make or break your deal and your back, if you go straight through a timber company or logging company without advice from a good timber management company you are setting yourself up for the kill so to speak. I use Taylor Forestry Inc. and the reason I do is Jeff Taylor knows the value day to day on the timber and where the best prices are coming from at the time, just because a big company pays good today does not mean they will tomorrow and you will never know unless you are a professional.

 Take some advice from someone how has done well with timber and been big time taken advantage of, if you need a way to get your land value lower when buying your Texas land for sale timber is a great way to do it but have professional help and only use companies will goo reputations.


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